High Efficiency Wood-Burning Stoves

Wood-burning stoves from UFL

The stoves we supply are all made by Burley. The reasons are very compelling:-

  1. They are the most efficient stoves in world.
  2. They all have ‘room seal kit’ options to ensure they burn correctly without sucking out warm air from your home.
  3. They are virtually indestructible.
  4. Their 4-stage patented burning system is beautiful to watch.
  5. These stoves are the best for us to develop our UFL our stove-driven boilers and combined heat and power systems.

high-efficiency wood-burning stoves

Efficiency (as defined by the proportion of unburned hydrocarbons in the exhaust gases) is important because it means you have more heat and less soot. Making that extra heat useful is a challenge because a stove needs some of that energy to drive the air suction process. See below to hear how UFL can help you benefit from that extra heat.

high-efficiency wood-burning stoves

Without a ‘room seal kit’, your stove will be pulling heated air from your home and replacing it with cold air from outdoors through gaps around doors and windows, and through your letter box.
The ‘room seal kit’ ensures that your stove has all the air it needs and does not reduce in-house air pressure, causing cold air in from outdoors. It also means that when you are not using your stove, warm indoor air is not sucked up the chimney/flue.
The ‘room seal kit’ also ensures that there will never be any risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

 indestructable wood-burning stoves

You probably won’t need to put anything heavy on your stove, but if you did, you can rest assured that it’ll be good for at least 10 tonnes. In this particular test, not even the glass broke and the Managing Director had enough confidence to risk his own life on the point.

four stage combustion wood-burning stovesThey look fantastic too.


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