Domestic-scale waste to energy

Our Domestic Waste to Energy Pyrolyser

UFL has designed a domestic scale waste to energy pyrolyzer, capable of converting all (dry) domestic waste to energy (electricity and heat).  We have nearly finished building our prototype. We’ll be posting some photos here soon, so watch this place.

The device will take any hydro-carbon including:- waste paper, wood, cardboard, plastic, waste cooking oil, waste engine oil, shredded tyres, old clothes, and even leaves off the street. It vapourizes it and then burns it in a diesel engine.

Although termed ‘pyrolysis’ here, another term ‘gasification’ could be used or a more accurate term would be ‘thermal depolymerisation’. A good description of terminology is available here and a comprehensive (but slightly out of date) description of available technologies can be found here.

The domestic scale prototype processes batch quantities of 20L, but the technology can easily scale up. At a batch size of 20L per run, our energy from waste generator would be classed as a micro waste to energy system.

It consists of several unique and potentially patentable ideas. Obviously these can’t be disclosed, but we’d be happy to discuss some detail with any potential investor.

Dealing with waste at source has many benefits:-

  • avoids landfill
  • avoids transport costs (CO2 emissions)
  • should avoid (local government) handling charges
  • provides electricity and heat from something you pay to have removed
  • displaces fossil fuel consumption
  • emits the least amount of CO2 for waste handling strategies

There’s a lot of R&D required to understand maintenance schedule, fine-tune controls for different feed stocks, minimise/eliminate poisonous emissions and get past environmental regulations and general anti-self-sufficiency bureaucracy.

This R&D requires a large amount of funding and we don’t have it. The project is eligible for one of several grants but those grants require us to fund a proportion of the work. We are therefore looking for crowd type funding.

We need to raise £50k to be able to get the grant we need. In return for that, you’ll be a part of some world-changing technology and will qualify for profit-related royalties proportional to your investment. Details on request.


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