Diesel Battery Chargers

Diesel Battery Chargers (Backup DC Power supplies)

Just what you need when both the sun and wind have gone, or perhaps a backup whilst maintenance is being performed. These diesel battery chargers can be used as a direct replacement for the traditional AC Generator with an inverter-charger. They are robust, compact, reliable and durable.

Diesel Battery Chargers

A 3kW 48v DC Battery Bank Charger

The UFL Diesel Battery Chargers come in a range of power outputs (from 2kW to 5kW) and in a range of voltages (from 24v to 48v nominal). They can be configured to provide the correct charging algorithm for any battery type and can even be set in an automatic mode where they switch themselves on based on Depth of Discharge calculations (dependent upon model chosen). They can also be switched into a constant DC power supply mode (no charging algorithm used). Precise output voltage is also configurable.

These DC Generators consist of an air-cooled Yanmar diesel engine and a zero-bearing, high efficiency DC alternator. They have a sophisticated micro-processor based control system providing the following features:-

  • oil level/pressure safety monitoring
  • crank time control
  • speed and load management
  • sophisticated and configurable charging algorithm control

When connected to a battery bank, and without any addition electronic controls,  the output from the DC Generator and the battery bank can be much larger than either batteries or generator can alone. To do this with an AC generators requires a very sophisticated and expensive inverter-charger.

 Technical Details

The following technical details refer only to the 3kW model.

Tec Spec DC BC

Options Available

The UFL Diesel Battery Bank Chargers are available in many varied configurations. Here are a few options:-

  • With enclosure or open
  • Multiple voltages from the same genset
  • Manual or electric start
  • Remote start/stop
  • Sophisticated configurable continual automatic monitoring of battery depth of discharge state

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