About UFL

Who we are

Utility Free Living Ltd is a group of innovative Engineers with years of experience working in the alternative energy sectors. We have specific experience with anaerobic digester technology, combined heat and power systems, waste-to-energy technology and heat recovery.

We have come together to provide unique and innovative solutions to how we live our lives, at the domestic scale. We answer questions like:-

  • Is there a better way to deal with my food waste and rubbish?
  • How can I minimise the energy that I use in my home?
  • How do I break free from the incessant increases in my energy bills?
  • Can I decrease my carbon footprint, reduce my consumption of our planet’s resources and minimise my impact on the environment?

What we’re about

There are many people around the world enjoying off-grid living and there are a growing number of people building sustainable homes where the dependence on utility companies has been almost eliminated. Recently popularised green technologies like solar heating, solar PV and wind power have all increased the ability to reduce our dependence on the utility companies.

At Utility Free Living, we believe that with the use of a few newer technologies together with existing technologies, it is possible for the average 3-bedroom semi-detached house in the UK, to become independent from utility company services and products. The services pages focus on one utility service at a time and discuss how consumption can be reduced and with the introduction of newer technologies, independence from utility companies can be achieved.

We take a holistic approach to environmentally friendly living, apply some innovative thinking and show how some minor changes to the way we think about our domestic utility services can result in greater independence, self-sufficient living, lower carbon footprint, freedom from ever increasing utility service charges and a much greener lifestyle.

Our ‘Products’ pages show the newer technologies that we believe are required to complement existing technologies to achieve Utility Free Living.

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