Helping people become self-sufficient, utility-free, sustainable and environmentally-friendly

At Utility Free Living Ltd., we believe in the concept of self-sufficient buildings. Whether it is a large office blockĀ  self-sufficient in water and sewage waste, or a small bungalow self-sufficient in energy, we know it can be done. We can help make any building of any size become self-sufficient and independent from any utility, so if you’ve any specific challenge in mind, have a look at our ‘Designed for you’ page.

With the addition of a few new technologies and slightly modifying the way we use existing technologies, living free from utility bills can be achieved relatively easily and within a sensible budget. Browse through our pages and see how we demonstrate that it is possible and practical for the average UK 3-bedroom semi-detached house to become completely utility-free.

Our technology pages discuss how we can change the way we use utility services and with the help from some new products, how our dependence can be reduced/removed incrementally. Our product pages describe the new technologies that we believe are necessary to get off-grid in a cost-effective manner.
There are very few self-sufficiency and environmental challenges that can’t be solved by the creative use of science. Take a look here (www.physicsforums.com), and get involved.

We understand that we still have much work to do, particularly on domestic waste handling, but we are making progress so keep checking our product pages to see what’s coming.

Battery Banks

Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries

Diesel, 2 to 8kWe CHP systems

Diesel, 2 to 8kWe CHP systems

Wood burning stoves

Wood burning stoves

Low Pressure with SWHR

Shower Water Heat Recovery

UFL Heat Recovery

Heat Recovery Ventilators

Utility-free DC Battery Bank Charger

Diesel DC Battery Bank Charger

Utility-free wind turbines

Wind Turbines






















For more inspiration on how to go off-grid and become utility-free, take a look at this website.


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